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Many women opt for breast lifts to create their ideal body shape. Dr. Morimoto offers breast lift procedures for women at her practice in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Breast Lift

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery restores the shape and position of breasts that have lost elasticity and begun to sag. Sometimes breast implants can be inserted during the same time of a breast lift to increase the volume of the breasts.

Reasons for considering a Breast Lift:

  • Loss of youthful, firm breasts
  • Sagging of the breasts and nipples
  • Undesirable breast contour with a flat, elongated shape
  • Asymmetry between the breasts and/or nipples
  • Enlarged areola

What is the breast lift procedure like?

Breast lifts remove stretched skin and raise the nipples to the desired position. Dr. Morimoto strives to limit the appearance and length of the scar by placing it in the least noticeable location. The type of mastopexy performed will depend on the degree of sagging that is present. They are performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia and usually, last between 1-4 hours. You should be very clear with Dr. Morimoto about your goals for your breast size and shape. She will be able to tell you what she can reasonably achieve for you.

What is recovery like?

Recovery from a breast lift procedure requires a lot of rest, and physical activity should be limited to allow optimal healing. Following surgery, a special binder will be placed on the breasts to minimize swelling and movement. After 3 weeks, this can be switched out to a sports bra for continued support. Any pain associated with the surgery is well controlled with oral pain medication. Complications after breast lifts are rare but do occur. By following postoperative instructions given to you by Dr. Morimoto, you will minimize your risk of complications.

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Breast Augmentation & Lift Before And After

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